Travel Information - Upon Arrival

Details have not been decided yet. Volunteers will be contacted by email about where to meet in Mexico City or San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas). Below are a few points explained by Schools For Chiapas.


VII. Adjusting to life at home

Don't be surprised if it takes a little longer than you expected to carry out the many creative and exciting projects you planned while visiting Chiapas. However please don't be embarrassed if a long time has passed and you are finally ready to attend the meeting, develop the photos, etc.

VIII. A Day in a Zapatista Aguascalientes

Although you quickly lose track of what day it actually is, life at Maya village is such that you become ever more aware of the position of the sun as it rises and sets, what your collective's job is for the day...and what time the next meal is. While activities vary daily and from caravan to caravan (depending on local needs and fiestas), a typical day is something like this:

Daily schedule

Rush for coffee and meet new villagers
Participate on project in Collectives
Eat mid-morning meal
Participate on project in Collectives
Eat mid-day meal
Mid-day break. Time for resting or singing with villagers
Participation on project in Collectives with villagers
Late afternoon visit by coffee workers collective or swim in river
Evening meal
Evening program with theater by teachers and speech by visiting Chiapas authority.