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(Students Taking Action in Chiapas)


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STAC Montreal is a grassroots organization which seeks to support the indigenous struggle in Mexico while abiding to the values of Zapatismo (collectivism, self-sustainability, autnomy, dignity, gender equality, freedom and justice, among others).

We wish to accomplish these objectives by educating the general public about the conflict and holding fundraising events. All resources received will be given to support projects conceived and initiated by Zapatista civil society in communities within Chiapas.

Our objectives:

The Zapatista indigenous movement, which depends on both international and national civil society, is not limited to the Mexican context. It is part of a global struggle that thrives throughout the world. Join us in expressing out solidarity with this movement while at the same time bringing the struggle back home.


Meetings: We meet every thursday @ 17:30 (5:30pm) in QPIRG McGill ( 3647 University St.) There will be an introduction session for new members starting @ 17:00 before every meeting. Meetings are open to anyone, whether they want to participate in local group activities or just learn about volunteering oportunities.

To be added to our Listserv, send us an email with "New Subscriber" as subject.


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